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By Hand

From the moment one presses the shutter button to its first publication, a photo is never touched. Digitized, these images are stored and altered until deemed ready for print. Thus, the artist never interacts with their photographs on a physical level.

Editing is a process which shares many aspects with painting: creating light, bringing forward colors and contrasts, and creating the implicit shapes that the viewers’ eyes will follow. In this artistic project, the instantaneous power of Instax was used to redefine the possibilities of the medium of photography. Through the addition of matter – paint – editing is taken from the digital sphere into the physical realm.

The first shoot was of a single individual in the woods. The busy setting isolated him as the sole subject, while robbing the image of any further descriptive ability. The first paint strokes were those of movement, creating interaction in the still.  

Next, the photos focused on single objects and simple settings on a two-dimensional plane. The line not only informs the dynamics, but also becomes a narrative force. Lines cross from one Instax to the next, and colors create the story within each frame.

And finally, the base became totally abstract. Now, the strokes are the protagonist, the subject of the story, drawing the full attention of the viewer. By becoming a vessel for the paint, the Instax allowed for the true representation of the subject.



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